Seven Day Course (Sept. 21-27)

Seven Day Course (Sept. 21-27)

This seven day session includes all equipment, materials, workshops, tours, and masterclasses as well as entry into all lectures provided by Dr. Lynn Hulse.

Mon. – Thurs. – Design and Composition
Possibilities abound! The goal of this session will be to develop a series of motifs visually organized as seen in a variety of traditional embroidery samplers. Inspirations for such motifs may be found in the Queen Mary's Art Deco decor or from your own explorations and interests. Once a motif and design is developed, work further with Lucy and Sarah to create stitch plans, and how to use what is in the stash to transform an idea to an embroidery!

There will be designs at the ready to choose from if you prefer to stitch creatively more than draft and design. Whichever you choose let Lucy and Sarah guide you through the process in this fun and creative four day workshop.

Fri. – Sun. - Drawn Thread Work
Learn the basics of drawn thread embroidery in this three day class. Working on canvas, we will 'draw' out the weft threads from the canvas, then using a variety of techniques and stitches we will work in patterns in and around the remaining threads. For an extra decorative touch you can add ribbons, beads and gold threads to your piece or even add some of your favorite needlepoint stitches!

A $200 deposit is included in the price and is non-refundable if not cancelled by Friday, August 15, 2015.